Saturday, November 21, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are!

Danell, Patti and I made these for Max's 1st Birthday Party. Danell did an amazing job with his party. This cake is the one Max got to dive into. We copied it from online (can't remember the website) We made the horns and nose out of rice crispies instead of fondant (Danell's brilliant idea) and then covered them with frosting. I think the horns were a little big but hey he's a monster right? For the hair we put black and brown frosting into a piping bag, trying to keep them as separate as possible and then used the grass/hair tip (233.) This was a 6" spring form cake pan.
These cupcakes were so simple (I didn't have to do the printing and cutting out of all the cute pictures.) The cutouts are what made the cupcakes so cute. I love the one we used on the very top of the crown (sorry I cut it off in this picture, you can see it on the very last one.) She photoshopped Max's face on all of them. Miss Overachiever. I love it!
We used a star tip and tried making the frosting look like waves.
For this monster we used m&m's for eyes, cashews for nose and horns, and almond slices for the teeth. I used tip 12 to pipe on the swirl.
I used tip 1M for this swirl. We taped the pictures to small sucker sticks.

I told Danell I wanted to name my next boy Max just so I could do a party like this. It was so much fun! She had this outfit made for him, how cute is he?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Super hero Cupcakes

Cassie and I made these for her son's 4th Birthday. They were so simple. I love how Cassie printed off the super hero logo's for the toppers. They give the cupcake so much personality and they were so easy. Love it!!

I am so sad, Cassie just moved and I will miss her so much. Thanks for the fun memories (especially those including sugar and crafts.)