Monday, September 23, 2013

Soccer cupcakes

 I made these for Wyatt's soccer team.  I used a fudge swirl cake mix and an Oreo cookie for the ball.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Apple of Mommy's Eye Baby Shower #2

 I love the fall, it smells like caramel apples to me.  I also love baby showers.  So why not combine the two.  Jill and I had so much using the "Apple of Mommy's Eye" theme a few years ago that it was worth repeating.  I'm glad I kept the banner.  I hope to use it again!

 I loved this spread: Apple Walnut Salad
 Apple muffins
 Apple juice
 Caramel Apples
 Apples and other fruit with dip.  Apple straws.
Thanks for your help Sara and Kristen!