Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween cake walk treats

Jill and I made these for our ward Halloween cake walk.
We thought it would be fun to have smaller portions of treats and make
it so more kids could win.
This is what we came up with besides the already blogged about fingers:

Halloween pretzels.  Danella gave me these molds.  They were fun to do but took some time.
Monster/zombie marshmellow pops.
I got these little Frankenstein cups last year after Halloween and was happy to have a reason to use them.
Jill had the idea to add hair to these little friends.  These were super simple and fun to do.  We used sixlet sprinkles for the eyes and edible markers for the faces.
I had to include these pictures that Richann made for us.  I loved them so much and want to remember to do them next year.  She used orange chocolate to cover the marshmallow and black chocolate for the face.
This is how she displayed them.  Cute! Cute!

These are Shan's zombies.  She used the giant marshmallows.  I love how these turned out!

I want my Mummy!

I did these for Wyatt's Halloween party today! I have seen this idea all over but I had to copy it.  I wasn't going to do it but after seeing Wyatt's face I'm so glad I did.
They have there own little personalities don't they?  I can picture those sweet little 3 year old monsters drinking from them.  So cute!T
We put them in Wyatt's trick or treat bucket to display them.

Monday, October 29, 2012


I made these for Ethan's 3rd garde class and Wyatt's preschool class.  This is Ethan's first year of not having a Halloween party at school so I had to do something fun for them. They were easy to do but took time.  
 I added eyes to some of them.
To make them I broke the small pretzel sticks in half and formed them in a circle. I used melted white chocolate to add the web part.  If you look at my first batch (below) you can see a difference of how I added the chocolate.  At first I just did a circle but on these I tried to do a more web design like little u's. I used black chocolate to draw spiders and once they were dry I attached them with chocolate.

 Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Cookies

I made these for Lisa's annual Halloween party where we eat her delicious chili and carve pumpkins.  
Ethan helped me roll and cut them out which is my least favorite part of sugar cookies. I was excited to use my 3 new cutters, candy corn, skull and spider.  Ethan thought we could use the dog bone cutter as long as we added blood (gel color.)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Goblin cupcakes

We have a Halloween countdown box at our house and today Ethan pulled out a note that said we get to make a special treat together. He was excited and it was so cute that he went straight to the computer for ideas.  Like mother like son.
Earlier today we went to Lowe's to build these cute little monster boxes.  This was Ethan's inspiration for our cupcakes.
We had so much fun making these together.  Ethan was a big help.  We had fun at the store trying to find ideas for this little eyeball.
We used a white chocolate Lindt truffle for the eye.  We put it on a sucker stick, then used piping gel dyed blue for the iris and I painted black gel color for the pupil.  This was Ethan's favorite part.

We used a star tip for the orange goblin and tip 9 for the purple guy. We found the edible eyes at Wal-Mart.

Ethan did this one all by himself. It was so cute watching him, tongue out and all.  Pretty good for his first piping  job ever.
Thanks for the fun memories Ethan!  I love you!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goulish fingers

 I made these for  Ethan's carnival at school.  Ethan wanted to make cookies this year instead of a cake and this is what he wanted to do. I found this cookie pan last year at Target.

 I tried using regular frosting and chocolate to decorate these but it didn't look right so I had to use royal icing which is not my favorite.  I personally don't like the taste but I was happy with how they turned out.

I first thinned out the colored icing just a little so I could pour it over the fingers (on a cookie sheet.) For the hairy monster I put sprinkles over it before it dried.  Once they were dry I added the details. For the hairy one I used a paint brush to add red and brown to the white nail.

Here's the recipe I used



About 3 cups of icing.
Tip: when not using the frosting keep it under a wet paper towel because it dried quickly.

 I used my Halloween Cricut cartridge to cut out a coffin to display them in.
This is what they looked like all done. I needed to package them by 6. It was a little squishy but it worked.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Dragon's tale

 My sweet friend Danella let me help her make her son's birthday cupcakes.  She had all the ideas I just helped her do the fun part of executing them. I also learned a new amazing technique.
 First of all check out what she did with my cupcake stand.  What?! She is amazing.  She covered it with tin foil. She took a piece of thick cardboard and made her design using Elmer's glue.  Once it dried she laid a piece of aluminum foil over it making sure that the glued parts were accented.  Then she used black shoe repair and rubbed it all over.  Brilliant I say!
 I love the theme her son chose.  Dragons and Vikings.  He wanted a fire cupcake and this was all we could come up with last minute.  We melted dum-dums in the oven. Swirled them together and once they cooled off broke it into pieces.  It would have been much better with bright red and yellow candies but you at least have an idea for your fire.
 So I am excited to tell you how we did these dragon tails.  We used modeling chocolate. 
How to make modeling chocolate:
Take 1 bag of Wilton chocolate melts, melt them in microwave with 1/4 cup corn syrup, stir, then let it set up.  After several hours or overnight it will be set.  Once you start playing with it, it will soften up so you can mold it.  It does get greasy so don't play with it too much. Let your creation dry again before you use it.
* Some colors don't require as much syrup so start with 1/8 cup first.
Thanks Danella for teaching me this. I loved doing this with you!

For the dragon wings we melted chocolate and piped it onto a pattern under wax paper.
Viking helmet-molded tootsie rolls.
Happy Birthday Caleb!