Sunday, December 4, 2011

Whimsical Christmas trees

I made these for our church Christmas party. I got the idea from Bakerella.

For the trees I cut a waffle cone to be 3 inches tall, dipped it in white almond bark then added sprinkles. Once dried I broke the handle from a candy cane dipped the end in white chocolate and put it inside the dipped cone. I had to hold it until it dried but if you don't have to transport these then you can do this step with the cane in the cupcake. I didn't mean to have the trunks (canes) so long but they ended up looking whimsical which was fun.
Bakerella made really cute presents out of fondant to go under her trees but I didn't have time and you know how much I dislike fondant so I came up with this idea instead. Starbursts, perfectly square and yummy. I added the ribbon with white chocolate and a snowflake sprinkle in the center like Bakerella but you can't really see it.

I have made these Ho Ho Ho's before. I had to do something else easy because I didn't have time for more than 12 trees. Since I was already using the white chocolate I added some to a piping bag and piped out a bunch of H's and added sprinkles. The o's are obviously peppermints. Instead of coloring my frosting I used the stripe affect by painting the red and green gel color in a parchment bag. I used tip 1M.
Merry Christmas!!
*Thanks Shan for helping me take these pics!