Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Desiree and I made these. We didn't want to roll out the sugar cookies so we used a Halloween cookie pan that I got a couple years ago on clearance. I like how they turned out especially the size and I love that I didn't have to roll them out. My new favorite pan even though it took all morning to just cook the dough.

This is the cookie pan we used.
I used mini m&ms for the eyes, a lattice tip for the mummy, tip 10 for the cauldron bubbles, tip 3 for the accents.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monster Cupcakes

Shan and I made these for the carnival cake walk at church. They were so fun! I got the idea from Annie's eats.
I used one cake mix to make 18 regular size cupcakes and 18 mini cupcakes. Once there cooled add a dollop of frosting to a big cupcake and place the mini cupcakes on top. Then frost your hair, let the frosting set up a bit then add the eyes.
To make the eyes you take a peach ring and wrap it around a dum dum sucker and then use chocolate to attach a m&m for pupil.
*I used tip 252 to make the blue monster.
*grass tip and 3 for the purple guy
*tip 21 for this green guy.

Note: Do not transport these guys with the eyeballs attached. I learned the hard way. Only half of my cupcakes made it to the party.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Popcorn cupcakes

I helped Jill make these for Haley's circus birthday party.
I found these containers at the Dollar Tree.

To make the popcorn you cut the top half of a marshmallow in fours. We used white marshmallows and then Jill painted yellow food coloring on them once they were on the cupcake. If you weren't going to make 50 like she did you could just buy the fruit flavored marshmallows and pick out the yellow ones.

Thanks Jill for letting me do the fun part of these cupcakes.