Friday, March 23, 2012

May the odds be ever in your FLAVOR!

 I made these for a Hunger Games pre-show party!  It was soooo much fun. 

I copied these from online.  Chocolate cupcake, cream cheese frosting. I added red, yellow, and orange frosting into a piping bag being careful to keep each color in the 1/3 section of the bag. I used the 1M tip to get the fire look and added broken oreo cookies for the coal. The toppers are images I printed on line.  The arrows are sucker sticks I colored gold and added a triangle from scrapbook paper. I wish I could have made this out of chocolate but the gold dust didn't work so well.
 Here's the awesome table set up from Alisha and Michelle.  Notice the I heart Peeta sign on this side? He's my favorite.
 But they didn't leave the Gale fans out either. 
 This was my favorite part of the decor.  You were so creative Michelle with these awesome parachutes!
 This was some of the other really fun food that was brought in.
Cornucopias! So cute!
 Arrows! What a creative idea!
 See the black coal cookies, quiche, apple tart, bugles, trifle.  I didn't get a picture of the Pita (Peeta) bread and the delicious lamb soup.

No Hunger Games party is complete without your own games.  I loved it! What a fun night to remember. Jan will always be a hero in my eyes.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr Seus!


Green eggs and ham anyone?
I made these for Ethan's class for Dr. Seus' birthday. Shan found the idea on pinterest and we thought it would be fun.
I know it seems more like green eggs and bacon but hey it's still in the pork family right? I tried using the round  pretzels but this ended up looking cuter.