Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

 This is what my kids and I did for Father's Day gifts for Dad and Grandpa's.
 I found the jars at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and I used the vintage labels again from this website. I used a 2 1/2" punch to cut the labels out.  It cut them off a little but they fit the jars perfect.
 Jar #1-Good and Plenties- You deserve "Good & Plenty" hugs and kisses!
Jar #2-Pistacios- We're "Nuts" about you!
 Jar #3-cash-Dad's secret "stash"
Jar #4-Reese's Pieces-We love you to "Pieces"
Jar #5-Cinnamon Bears(I wanted to cover these in chocolate but ran out of time)-You're our "Beary" favorite! Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Girls Camp goodies!

 We just finished a super fun and spiritual week at Girls Camp.  The Lord loves Girls Camp!!! Our leaders are amazing and so inspired!
This year the theme was Mission Possible.  Each ward was assigned a country.  We were given Ukraine.  They did a really cool thing where we made videos before camp to send to the Young Women in whatever country we were assigned (they chose countries where people had ties to the people there) and in return they sent us a video.  Each country talked about what it was like to be a youth where they are growing up.  They showed us all the videos at camp and it was so awesome to see what sacrifices some of the youth make to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
 We all decorated our camp sites with our country flags and colors. In the above picture you will see that we used lots of eggs to decorate with.  One of the traditions in Ukraine is called Pysanky where they decorate eggs and keep them for years in their homes as protection from evil. They also will exchange them with friends to celebrate Easter.  We thought this would be a fun thing to have the girls do as part of our decorations and our secret sisters.
As a ward we were asked to perform small acts of service anonymously and this is what we decided to do.  We filled lots of plastic Easter eggs with treats and threw them in other wards tents and camps.  We left this fun sign for them too!
We decided it would be fun to give a handout to each of our YW every night of camp to help inspire them for the next day.  We had a hard time narrowing them down so we gave them this blow dryer on the Sunday before to help them with their packing. ;) 
We found the tag here at All the Quiet Things
 We gave them the 7-UP to enjoy with their packed lunches on the way to camp.
We found this cute tag at A Little Crafting.  The original idea was from Marci Coombs who created a Back to School one which will be fun to use also.
 Pillow Treat #1- We wanted to do something that went along with our Mission Possible Theme. We ordered mustache sunglasses, finger tattoos, and mustache whistles.
 Sara came up with this fabulous tag.
 Pillow Treat #2- Found this tag here on Marci Coombs' website.  Have I mentioned how awesome and talented she is?

 Pillow Treat #3- This was also on Marci Coombs.  She is now offering hers as a free download but at the time we needed it we had to create our own version.  Her's is much cuter!
 Pillow Treat #4  We found this idea here at CdotLove Design. Her version is available on Etsy.  We didn't want to pay so we created our own version which is not as cute as hers.

 They got this final treat on Saturday before packing up and leaving.  This was originally from Marci Coombs as well.  We had to create our own version but she now has it available for a free download.  She just asks that you follow her before downloading.
 We gave these to the Stake YW leaders as a thank you.
 We gave these to the amazing cooks and camp certification people.
Desert Hills Ward-Mission Possible 2014
 I can't get enough of these cute girls.  I had such a wonderful time with them.  So many fun memories!
 This was right after a really amazing object lesson/obstacle course involving mud.
 I got to go on the hike with these beauties.  What a trip they are! We found wild onions growing on our path and they couldn't stop eating them!