Saturday, July 25, 2009

Creepy Crawlers

Lisa, Betty and I made these for Easton's 3rd birthday. It took a lot of different candy and different colored frosting. We used the basic buttercream frosting. We discovered that using the no-taste red food coloring from Wiltons doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth since you have to use almost the full container to get that rich red color.  For the butterflies we used an M&M for the head,  pretzels for the wings, and piped on the rest.  The worms were black frosting covered with crushed oreos and gummy worms.  The lady bug's head is half of an oreo with M&M's as eyes and dots for the body.  The dragonfly is jordan almonds for wings and jelly beans for the body, and Whopper for head.  Spiders we cut black licorice for legs and M&M's for eyes.  The beetles were baked in Wilton brownie pop mold, frosted, and we used M&M's for legs, Whopper for head, and piped on dots.  Caterpillar was baked in mini muffin tins, frosted and we used M&M's for his eyes.  For the bumblebee we used a star tip and piped on stripes, M&M's for eyes, and white chocolate covered pretzels for wings.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Would you like some tea?

We made this for the other twin's 5th birthday party.  We baked a strawberry cake and used the cream cheese frosting.  Patti did a Fancy Nancy theme that was out of this world cute and super fancy fun.  

Mystery Cake

Patti and I made this for one of her twin's 5th Birthday parties.  We baked a 9x13 chocolate cake, flipped it over, cut out some pieces to add mystery prizes (money) for the kids to find, put the pieces back, carefully flipped it back over and frosted it with cream cheese frosting.  I loved the theme she chose for his party.  It was like a detective/mystery party.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July Bliss!

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I am so grateful to live in this free country, we are so blessed. I love our flag and what it represents. Doesn't it make you want to put your hand over your heart whenever you see it flying in the breeze? It is a magnificent sight and should remind us of those who have fought and who continue to fight for our gift of freedom.

I got this yummy recipe from my sister-in-law and thought it would be fun to make it a little patriotic.
They are very easy but just take a little time. So you bake your favorite brownies in a small muffin/tart pan for 10-13 minutes. Once their cooled you take a melon baller and press a dent into each of them. Then in a large bowl melt a little over 1 cup of white chocolate melts in the microwave, then add 8 oz of softened cream cheese, 8 oz. thing of cool whip, and a jar of marshmellow cream and mix together. Place the mixture in a piping bag with Wilton Tip 1M and pipe a little on each brownie in whatever design (I used stars and swirls). Then top with a raspberry.