Sunday, September 25, 2011

Missionary cupcakes

I made these for a missionary farewell. They took longer than I expected but it was worth it since this family is so amazing.
I didn't want to use fondant so I used chocolate melts instead to make the ties and badges. I printed a tie image from the computer and copied it onto wax paper using the chocolates. Once those dried I added the designs.

Baptism cupcakes

I made these for Ronda's daughters baptism. Sorry the pictures turned out so crappy but you get the idea. They didn't look this yellow.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rice Crispy Football

I made this for a football party we had with some friends. I used my 10 & 4 football pan and doubled the original rice crispy recipe. I added brown gel color to the marshmallows to get the football color. You could use cocoa crisps but I think that would be way too sweet.
I can't believe how many times I have used this pan. I definitely recommend getting this one. You can also bake bread in it to make a fun sandwich.

Pie Cupcakes

My ward had a chili/pie cook off contest and since I'm not very good with pies I decided to make these. I got the idea from my cupcake book.
Cupcake Pies

1 box cake mix (I used butter pecan)
3 cups buttercream frosting tinted using brown and yellow coloring to look like pie crust
Pie filling of your choice (I used blueberry, peach, and cherry)
Jumbo muffin pan and liners
Tips: 47 & 103
Prepare cake as directed and fill cupcake liners 1/3 high with batter to create cakes that bake to 3/4 height. Bake and cool. Frost cupcakes smooth. While frosting try and cover the liner with the frosting to prevent the filling from making it soggy. Top cupcakes with filling trying to use just the fruit and not much filling. Using tip 47(smooth side) pipe the lattice. Pipe tip 103 ruffle on edge of cupcake.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Purple and brown

I made these for Melanie's grandma. She likes to give any extra cupcakes I have to her sweet grandma who will only eat treats these days. These were extras from the baby shower. I added a raspberry filling to give granny a little fruit. =)
*You can't tell from the pics that this is a purple. I debated whether to even post this but I wanted to give y'all an idea of how purple and brown look together. I like it!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Edible pacifiers

I made these for Colette's baby shower. We didn't have much time to throw this together so I needed something easy. I saw this idea a while ago and decided to give it a try.

They were super easy to do. I used white chocolate to "glue" two wintergreen mints together. Once they were dry I added a blue Mike and Ike to the center. They were easy and held together fabulously. I waited until after the transport to add them to the top.

You can kinda see in this picture the polka dotted table which was our theme. We used a blue table cloth and I cut out brown dots from the cricket. Easy! It was fun to add the dots to the cupcakes as well.

Thanks JJ for taking these pictures for me. You did a great job in fact I may have to "forget" my camera next time we do something at your house.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fabulous Flamingos

Jen and I made these for Sophie's fabulous flamingo fourth birthday. I loved this idea for a party. Jen decorated with beach stuff which looked so cute.
We copied this from Hello Cupcake.
Neck-pretzel stick dipped in pink chocolate melts.
Head-jelly bean
beak-starburst shaped like a beak and dipped in black chocolate. The directions call for a banana runt but we couldn't find any so Jen came up with this brilliant idea which looked even better than a yellow beak.
We used pink chocolate to glue these three together. We laid them on wax paper until they dried.
Wings-we copied a wing pattern in one of my cupcake books but you can draw your own. We put a piece of wax paper over the pattern and used pink chocolate to trace it over and over. We tired to make them look feathery. Make sure you use a left and right wing for each cupcake.
We had fun piping the frosting one and rolling the ends in hot pink sprinkles.

This is what Jen used to display them. I love all the pink!
*Note-chocolate and a hot humid day don't mix very well. I am glad we sang to Sophie and ate first because after about 30 minutes the heads were starting to fall off.