Friday, September 2, 2011

Fabulous Flamingos

Jen and I made these for Sophie's fabulous flamingo fourth birthday. I loved this idea for a party. Jen decorated with beach stuff which looked so cute.
We copied this from Hello Cupcake.
Neck-pretzel stick dipped in pink chocolate melts.
Head-jelly bean
beak-starburst shaped like a beak and dipped in black chocolate. The directions call for a banana runt but we couldn't find any so Jen came up with this brilliant idea which looked even better than a yellow beak.
We used pink chocolate to glue these three together. We laid them on wax paper until they dried.
Wings-we copied a wing pattern in one of my cupcake books but you can draw your own. We put a piece of wax paper over the pattern and used pink chocolate to trace it over and over. We tired to make them look feathery. Make sure you use a left and right wing for each cupcake.
We had fun piping the frosting one and rolling the ends in hot pink sprinkles.

This is what Jen used to display them. I love all the pink!
*Note-chocolate and a hot humid day don't mix very well. I am glad we sang to Sophie and ate first because after about 30 minutes the heads were starting to fall off.

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