Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pie Cupcakes

My ward had a chili/pie cook off contest and since I'm not very good with pies I decided to make these. I got the idea from my cupcake book.
Cupcake Pies

1 box cake mix (I used butter pecan)
3 cups buttercream frosting tinted using brown and yellow coloring to look like pie crust
Pie filling of your choice (I used blueberry, peach, and cherry)
Jumbo muffin pan and liners
Tips: 47 & 103
Prepare cake as directed and fill cupcake liners 1/3 high with batter to create cakes that bake to 3/4 height. Bake and cool. Frost cupcakes smooth. While frosting try and cover the liner with the frosting to prevent the filling from making it soggy. Top cupcakes with filling trying to use just the fruit and not much filling. Using tip 47(smooth side) pipe the lattice. Pipe tip 103 ruffle on edge of cupcake.

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  1. These are amazing too! I can't get over the creativity!