Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween cake walk treats

Jill and I made these for our ward Halloween cake walk.
We thought it would be fun to have smaller portions of treats and make
it so more kids could win.
This is what we came up with besides the already blogged about fingers:

Halloween pretzels.  Danella gave me these molds.  They were fun to do but took some time.
Monster/zombie marshmellow pops.
I got these little Frankenstein cups last year after Halloween and was happy to have a reason to use them.
Jill had the idea to add hair to these little friends.  These were super simple and fun to do.  We used sixlet sprinkles for the eyes and edible markers for the faces.
I had to include these pictures that Richann made for us.  I loved them so much and want to remember to do them next year.  She used orange chocolate to cover the marshmallow and black chocolate for the face.
This is how she displayed them.  Cute! Cute!

These are Shan's zombies.  She used the giant marshmallows.  I love how these turned out!

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