Saturday, November 3, 2012

100 Cupcakes for Jill

Jill and I made these for her daughter and nieces baptism.  This was the greatest gig.  Jill made all the cupcakes and frosting.  I got to do the fun part.  She even filled all the bags for me.  What a saint!
Sorry these pics are so blurry.  We forgot to get pics until the cupcakes starting disappearing.  I wasn't going to post them but since this blog is mostly my journal I wanted to remember how fun it was doing this with Jill.  I was also reminded how I need to get more pics of me working with my friends.
So we tried to make the army green color a turquoise but oh well.  Maybe a little yellow would have helped.  After 100 cupcakes we didn't care so much!
Michelle made these cute cupcake pics.  Talented ladies!

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