Saturday, November 17, 2012

Monster Birthday!

Roar, John Taylor's 4!
I love love this theme for a boys birthday theme! I loved helping Shan plan and execute this!
Here's the cupcake tower! Shan did the cute monster face on tower and I helped her make the cupcakes.
This big guy was John Taylor's.  We used a jumbo cupcake with a regular cupcake stacked on top.  It was one heavy monster.  We put 4 marshmallows on top instead of candles, which totally fit him.  He only ate 2 bites of the cake but made sure all the mallows were gone. =)
Here's a close up of the mini cupcakes we did.  We used small marshmallows and six lets for his eyes.  We drew the pupils on with edible markers.
For the regular sized cupcakes we used marshmallows for the eyes.  We used star tips, the hair tip, and leaf tip for the monster hair.
The best part about these cupcakes, besides the fact that they were super easy is John Taylor picked them out. What good taste!
So here are some of the other super fun things Shan did for this monster bash! She and her dad made these monster boards out of wood and the kids loved throwing bean bags in their mouth.  They also made for cute photo ops. The kids heads fit perfectly in the mouths.
Love the goggly eyes!
Monster marshmallow pops

She added monster faces to capri suns.
Love the monster play dough take home treat and the glass monster jar with chocolate eyeballs coming out of his mouth.
This was the kids table she decorated.  Can you see the monster faces on the end chairs?

We also made these for John Taylor's preschool class.
I love how Shan decorated this cupcake carrier.

Happy 4th Birthday John Taylor!

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