Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving treats

Jill and I got together all day today to make Thanksgiving treats. We made these Pilgrim Hats for Ethan's class and her guests. They were so easy.  I love Pinterest.
We dipped marshmallows in chocolate then put in on the back of a Fudge Stripped Cookie. I had some left over yellow frosting that we used to make the buckle.

Ethan also wanted to take some acorns to his friends along with the hats. They are his favorite so I say, Why Not? Another easy make.  I used the same chocolate to glue a hersheys kiss and mini nilla wafer together.  I added a mini chocolate chip on top.
They go together right?? Pilgrim Hats and acorns.  Close enough!
Speaking of acorns, Jill and I made these 2 weeks ago for her daughters class birthday party. They were really easy and fun too!
Do the sprinkles take away from the acorns?
Today we also baked 6 pumpkin rolls!! Why did I not get a picture of us.  We were covered in powdered sugar and so was her entire dining room.  It was so fun!  I also wish I would have gotten a better pic of the rolls.  We made these for our visiting teachees and I remembered last minute to get my phone out and take a picture while they were still in my car.  Oh well!  I love this memory! Thanks Jill!

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