Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cake Pops!

Danielle, Lisa, Patti, and I made these fun cake pops.  Cassie and I made some for the first time last week and loved how they turned out so I had to make more and try different flavors.  I love how the possibilities are endless with these things, I'm already planning my next ones.  I want to make some for a baby shower using pink and brown.  
We baked 3 different cakes, chocolate, white with about 3 teaspoons of coconut flavoring added to the batter (I just kept adding until it tasted good,) and lemon.  Once the cake was cooled we added 8 oz. of cream cheese to each one and mixed it well with our hands.  We then made balls (smoothing out any big cracks) and placed them on a cookie sheet.  We melted some chocolate and dipped the sticks into it and then pressed the sticks into the balls like above (don't press them all the way down).  We then froze the balls for 20 minutes.  
These are the chocolate cake balls dipped in milk chocolate (we used Wilton melts) and then dipped in crushed M&M's, Health Bar, or sprinkles (we wish we would have done Reese's.)  We then stuck them in styrofoam until they dried completely.
These are the coconut cake balls dipped in either white or milk chocolate and then covered in toasted coconut. 

Lemon cake covered with white chocolate dipped in crushed lemon heads.  These and the coconut ones tied for being my favorite.  Once they were all dry we put them in treat bags (3x5) and tied them shut with ribbon.  We then put them in cups to give away.

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