Thursday, March 18, 2010

More Cake Pops!

Kaelynn, Danielle, Kristine, and I made these for Marcellas baby shower. I loved doing this with these cute girls. I was so thankful for their help and couldn't have done all 100 pops by myself.
I wanted to make sure this time that we made both the coconut and lemon head cake pops since they are the best ones. So that is what inspired our colors for the shower. We also made strawberry and chocolate ones as well. For the recipe see the Cake Pop entry in September. Next time we want to try mixing peanut butter with some cream cheese into a chocolate cake, topping with milk chocolate and Reese's Pieces (this would be fun for the fall.) This was Kaelynn's idea. See this is why I love doing treats with friends, our minds work so much better together.

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