Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rubber ducky baby shower

Natalie and I made this for Jill's baby shower. I found a 3D rubber duck cake mold at Hobby Lobby which made this cake super easy to make. I do suggest following the directions exactly.
This was one of the easiest cakes I've ever made. I frosted the orange beak first, then the rest of it with yellow coconut cream frosting. And then here comes the easy part I covered it with yellow tinted coconut. Easy. For the eyes I used white chocolate, traced a circle and then added a blue M&M for the center. Once it dried I used frosting to stick it to the coconut and it was complete.
We dipped donut holes in chocolate for the bubbles (I couldn't find powdered holes anywhere, which was fine because I found a new favorite treat)
Mindi had this cute white tub which we lined with a plastic blue table cloth for the water.
*I copied this idea from online.
Mindi had this great idea to tape balloons to the ceiling to look like bubbles. It turned out really cute!

These are the yummy petit fours from Savages. I want to learn how to make these delicious things. I also love the rubber ducks they used as toppers!
We made this diaper cake as a gift and decoration.

I love how the drinks looked with the rubber ducks floating in them. Can you see the froth in the blue drink? So fun!! Thanks Pinterest for the fun idea!

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