Thursday, June 21, 2012

Under the Sea Adventure

 Ethan and some of his friends from church are doing a little summer camp. This week I got to be the host and Ethan chose under the sea for our theme.  Of course I had to find a fun treat to do and this is what I found that was easy. I got the idea from Family Fun.

 I was so excited to find these cookies for the clam. They were the perfect clam shape.  And I found them at Wal-Mart!
 I had some left over lemon frosting in the freezer that I tinted pink.  I frosted the bottom of one cookie pink, used the yogurt covered raisin for the pearl, placed another cookie on top, then piped on frosting eyes. Super easy and the kids loved them!
 I debated whether to post these because they didn't turn out as cute as I hoped.  I needed more jello but at 11:00 at night it wasn't worth it. Good thing the kids didn't notice that the octopus was suppose to be under the water.  A couple kids thought it was coral reef.  Why didn't I think of that??? I did use swedish fish and ocean fruit snacks (Dollar Tree) inside the jello.
What a fun under the sea adventure we had today!! Thanks Ethan!

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