Friday, February 21, 2014

Wyatt's Creepy Crawley 5th Birthday Party!

 Wyatt had one request for his 5th birthday party and that was to play with snakes. What?! Are we related? I hate snakes but I had to figure something out to make his dreams come true.  There was no snake guy for hire so we settled for the Museum of Nature and Science where they let the kids pet some snakes. Michele helped me with these invitations which Wyatt loved!
 We had a great time coming up with reptile related food.
Slithering Sandwiches
Turkey and Cheese and PB&J. Olives for eyes. Carrot for tongue.

 Frog eyes-black olives, Pond Scum-ranch dip, Snake Skin-cucumber slices, Lizard Tongues-Carrots

 Snake Eggs-white M&M's (I picked out all the white ones from a Valentines bag.)
 I copied this from a picture I saw online.  I used mini cupcakes instead.

 I made a few regular size cupcakes for the kids too. I used the grass tip and tip 9 for the snake.

Happy Birthday my sweet Wyatt!

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