Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Wyatt!

I got this cake idea from Danielle who made it for her son's 1st birthday. She got it from I loved this idea because of the bright colors and the cake is called "a party in itself cake." It just sounded like a perfect and simple theme for Wyatt's 1st birthday.
We had to do this in a few different steps. Danielle helped me roll out the cookies (party hats, balloons, gift, letters, and the balls) one of the days. I was thankful for her help since she had done it already. Then a couple days later I frosted the cookies and froze them. The day before the party Lisa and I baked all of the cakes (8 & 12".) Then the day of the party Lisa helped me assemble the whole thing, which was the fun and easy part. The only thing we could have done different was make the cookies on sticks a little thinner so they didn't fall over. It was hard to get them to stay where we wanted them, we even had to leave one out because it was way too thick.
This was the cake we made for Wyatt to dive into (which he never did-he was only interested in eating the sprinkles.) I loved how simple this was to do and it turned out so cute. I will use this a lot more which is good that I will get my money out of it. I got this at Joann's, it is called the Giant Cupcake Pan. Thanks Lisa for all you help today!
Happy Birthday Wyatt!

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