Monday, February 15, 2010

Tea party mini cupcakes

I decorated these mini cupcakes for a friend of mine. They just moved and her little girl wanted to have her friends over for a tea party. I have to say it was so much fun getting to do frilly cupcakes for once. I think I want to have a tea party for my friends now just so I can make these again.
The flower pedals are made of melted white chocolate. I took a pattern (a loop from a bow) and placed it under wax paper and traced the loop over and over with the chocolate, some just the outline and others I filled in completely. Once they dried I placed them one by one on the frosted cupcake. I also piped hearts for little toppers.
These are the pictures I took at my house before taking them to Cassie's. I wasn't sure I would get a chance once I was there. These show a few different cupcakes designs.

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