Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reindeer and Snowman Cupcakes

I made these for Ethan's class party. They were super fun to do but a little stressful. I didn't start making them soon enough so I was running around crazy trying to finish. I wasn't able to get a picture of them before I had to leave and the snowmen didn't like traveling. They were all falling over so FYI these don't travel well. It also started pouring down rain on the drive over and I didn't have them covered very well so they got a little wet. Good thing the kids didn't care and that they were patient with me while I quickly took a couple pictures!
I got this idea on the Family Fun websit. Here is the link:
These were also on there and were so easy.
The only thing I did different was I used the royal icing eyes I got from the website which made these even easier to do.

They were so easy that I made them again for my Primary class. I just omitted the ears and added a mouth.

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