Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be my Valentine!

Not sure what to do with any left over mini candy canes from Christmas? My creative friend Mar gave me this super cute idea. It was fun having all these colored ones-I picked them up from Target after Christmas.
I made these for Ethan to take to school for his Valentines. They were super easy to do. I laid the candy canes on wax paper with the sucker stick in the center, put melted white chocolate in a zip lock bag with the corner cut, piped the chocolate in the center of the heart, smoothed it out, then added sprinkles and sugar icing decorations. If your chocolate is too thick just add a small amount of Crisco to help thin it out.

Once they were dry I put them in a little cellophane bag with a ribbon tied around it. I love this idea. I will be sure to pick up more candy canes next year. Thanks Mar! I love this holiday!
Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. Amy those are ADORABLE!!! Do you know how to shape cinnamon rolls like hearts?