Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad Case Of Stripes Cupcakes

I got to go read this book to Ethan's first grade class. He choose the book and thought it would be cool if I could bring a treat to go with it. He is so my son! Treats just make everything more fun! I wasn't sure what to bring that would go with the story except Lima Beans and that was definitely not cool so my next though was cupcakes- surprised?
This is what I came up with.

To get the stripes I used a parchment bag (its better if it's disposable) and painted 5 different colored stripes on the inside of the bag with a small paint brush and the Wilton gel colors. The lines need to be thick enough to color the whole bag of white frosting but not to thick that it comes out clumpy. Once you've painted the bag, carefully add the white frosting so you don't smear the stripes too bad. Then have fun seeing all the fun colors it makes.

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  1. Love it! Those kids will forever remember your cupcakes when they see or read that book again!