Saturday, March 19, 2011

Orange and Pink Polka-dots!

I absolutely love these colors together. My friend Mindy and I made these for her daughters 2nd birthday. She did the cutest theme- polka-dots. I want to copy her and do this for one of Lucy's birthdays. All of her food was round: donut holes, sandwiches that she cut out with a circle cookie cutter, fruit that she melon balled, little jars full of round candies, and Ritz sandwich crackers. I wish I would have taken pictures of it all. She couldn't find a tablecloth that she loved so she covered the table in cute wrapping paper, what a genius! She also had fun polka dotted balloons everywhere. It was so fun!

We decided to have the cupcakes match the cute plates and I fell in love with these colors. Mindy found these cute polka dot sprinkles at Wal-Mart in the wedding/party favor isle. This was by far the easiest cupcake project ever. I need to do more projects with her. They say simple is better and in this case it really was. They turned out cute even though some of the frosting didn't stay very well. Thanks Mindy!


  1. I love these plates!! Where did you find them??? I am doing an orange, hot pink and black polk dot/pumpkin theme for my daughter's 1st birthday and having trouuble finding cute plates but these would be perfect!!!

  2. Where did you find the plates. I noticed you didn't answer kkmom but hopefully you'll answer now........

    1. So sorry I have taken so long to get back to you. My friend got these at Party City. I hope they still have them for you. I apologize again!