Saturday, May 7, 2011

Baby bird shower

This was for Mindi's baby shower. I loved the bird theme especially during this spring season. Jill did the adorable invitation that said "Mindi is adding to her nest." Mary did the amazing strawberry marshmallow kabobs on the left (I didn't get a close-up.) Alisha did the fantastic centerpiece which was my favorite part.

Here's the close-up. We gathered sticks from her neighborhood trimmed them down and Alisha got scraps of her fabric and sewed them into birds. How cute is she! Mindi had the great idea to set this out as her table centerpiece during the spring months. I think I may have to copy although my birds won't look nearly as cute. You could use paper birds. What a easy decoration idea! Thanks Alisha!

These are the cupcakes Mary and I decorated. I was so happy that we just had Easter so I could use some Easter candy (Peeps, jelly beans, and Cadbury mini eggs.)

We copied this from Martha Stewart. If you can't tell what it is they are little baby birds waiting to be fed. We colored cream cheese frosting to match the toasted coconut, frosted the cupcake dipped it into the coconut, piped on pink birds(it was hard to get them to look like heads) using tip 12, piped on little beaks with tip 3 (it was hard to get the beaks to look open), and piped on black eyes with tip 2. I was so happy Mary helped me with these tedious things since I was so tired. I had been up since 4 that morning working on Elmo.

I wasn't sure which angle showed off the birds better.

For the chocolate nests we used tip 1M and piped on the frosting the opposite way as normal(starting from the middle). Some of them I had to do an extra layer on the outer edge to look like a nest. We added the mini eggs or jellybeans next. For the smaller looking treats Jill made a thick chocolate cookie which we then decorated the same as the big ones but with just one egg or bird in it. For the peeps I cut the tail off a little, placed it on the cupcake, then piped the nest around it.

This is Jill's awesome drink holder.

This was the gift table. Jill made these cookie take home treats which were super cute.

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