Sunday, May 22, 2011

Super size me cupcake

I made these milkshakes for our ward linger longer activity after church. These were super fun and easy. I saw these on the Wilton website and knew I wanted an excuse to own the king size cupcake pan.

I was happy to finally have a reason to use the sticks of candy I found at Wal-Mart on clearance a couple months ago. I love when I can prove to my husband that this is why I should always buy candy when its on sale because sooner or later I will find a reason to use it. =)
So these king size cupcake pans take 3 times as much batter as the standard ones. I made 24 cupcakes with 3 cake mixes.
I made a chocolate ganache for the filling since that's a lot of cake. I used the regular ganache recipe: 3 Tbsp butter, 6 Tbsp whipping cream, bring to just a boil pour over 1 cup chocolate chips. Stir until mixed. I then put this into freezer to set up for about 2 hours. I put it in my mixer and whipped it until it was a frosting like consistency. I used the Wilton bismarck tip to get the filling in the cupcake.
I used tip 1M for the swirl on top (whipping cream), added sprinkles that matched my sticks (straws) and put a gum ball (cherry) on top. Simple no coloring of frosting needed. Oh I used cream cheese frosting.

I had to use my big serving tray to transport these heavy puppies to the church.

My friend sent me this adorable picture. I got her permission to post it. I couldn't resist. What a cutie!!!


  1. AMY!! I Love LOVE your little bloggy. You are so dang talented. I wish I was in your ward...or you were close by so I could hire you! YUM!

  2. Hi I just came over from Creative Vault and I'm going to be following. You so great work!