Friday, August 19, 2011

Lingerie shower cookies

* sorry I have to apologize for the angle of these photos. Between the shadows and my lack of camera skills it was tough to get the right shot.
I had the privilege of helping Amy and Meredith decorate these cookies for a lingerie shower for our sweet friend Anna. They were so sweet to let me help after they did all the hard work of making them. I have been wanting to do these since my friend Julia sent me the idea several months ago.

I love how Amy did the lips on this plate. Her writing skills amazed me. I need her to teach me a few things.

I thought the big lingerie cookie they made was so cute and it was so fun to decorate with the zebra print. What fun sexy colors!

The girls rocked decorating these things. I had so much fun with them. It was worth staying out until almost 2 am and having to get up with the baby a couple times after that.

Gotta love the tramp stamp! We thought it would be fun to use the ruffle heart cookie cutter on some of these so they looked like lace. You can kinda see one in the upper right corner here.

These were made from a bigger heart cookie cutter.

Here is the yummy spread! I can almost taste Meredith's homemade hummus. Yummy! Thanks for the fun memory girls! We need to do this again!


  1. Oh man that was SUCH a fun couple of days! Thanks again for your help!

  2. Seriously Amy...all of these ideas or so cute! You are AMAZING! When we have Thanksgiving at Lisa's we must make something fun together!!! :) Miss you girl!