Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mini oreo apples

Ethan and I made these for his teacher on the first day of second grade. He was so excited. My friend Alicia sent me this idea and I thought it would be fun to give it a try.
They were a little tricky but worth it. I followed this tutorial from Skip to my lou to make them.
A few things that might help you that aren't included are:
-if your chocolate is too thick add shortening. Not too much though because it won't dry completely.
-I found it easy to use a wide bowl. I tipped the bowl so I could gently lay the cookie (on the toothpick) on top of chocolate then with a spoon I covered the other half of the cookie with chocolate and smoothed off the majority so it wasn't so heavy when I pulled it out. I then gently lifted the cookie out and tapped it on the edge to get the excess chocolate off. I had less cookies break this way.
-I dipped the end of the toothpick in chocolate before putting it in cookie. Only do this if you're planning on keeping them on the stick.
-you have to be patient. It will take practice because these are fragile and you will have some fall apart.
Sorry all my close-ups turned out blurry. This was the best one. You can see that they are not perfect but it doesn't matter.
So we loved how the one turned out so we decided to make another one for his first grade teacher who we already miss. I found these containers at Big Lots and the ribbon at Hobby Lobby. I tried to tie a bow around the whole thing but it kept falling and it was a pain so we opted for this simple approach.
We took some off of the toothpicks out and put them in little bags to give to his friends as a back to school treat.

Desiree and I made these as a surprise for her little girl when she got home from her first day of Kindergarten. We tried the big oreos with bigger sticks. They were still tricky but I like the looks of them too. These were the mint oreos and they tasted delicious.

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