Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Wyatt!

 My sweet little Wyatt is completely obsessed with trains so this was the perfect theme for his party.  It was even better watching him enjoy every little detail as it came together.  We were going to have the party at the railroad park but it decided to rain on us.  Thanks Shan for helping me set up my house last minute.

*My dear friend Rita gave me a train calendar to use as decor.  I decided to hang them from the ceiling.
Jared helped me with this fun cake.
I made a chocolate sheet cake with chocolate pudding and raspberries for the filling and cream cheese frosting.
Bridge-baked cake in quart size bowl and carved out the center and frosted with chocolate frosting.  We used the chocolate rocks that I found at Wal-Mart.
Water-blue frosting with blue colored piping gel on top.
Sand-crushed graham crackers
trees-waffle cones cut to size covered with dark green frosting.  I think I used star tip 16 to pipe it on.
 Track-this was Jared's assignment.  We used tootsie rolls. We unwrapped several, placed them in a bowl to microwave for a few seconds and then rolled them out on wax paper and used a pizza cutter to cut them out. For the rails he rolled out 2 very long strips then used my black gel food coloring to paint it.
bridge-hershey's chocolate bar and tootsie rolls under neath.
This was one of my favorite cakes to do but took a lot of time.
Oh I found the cute little train at a cake shop here in town.
 I saw this idea on line and had to copy it for the take home treats. I borrowed Shan's engine and the box car's I found at the dollar store. I used the railroad tracks from one of Wyatt's trains to set it on.
 In the caboose were red chocolate suckers.  I found the mold at the same cake shop where I found the train on the cake.
 Next to the caboose where these little train sugar cookies.  These were also fun to decorate.
 Box car #3 were chocolate covered pretzels.  I was hoping they would look like logs but I don't think anyone noticed.
 Loved this simple idea of train fruit snacks. No prep work needed. I'm sure all the moms wanted to kill me with all this sugar but they know me better than that.  No fruits and veggies on this little train. =) I did think about it but not for long, it's just too much fun working with sugar.
Chugga chugga, choo choo!

 Happy Birthday little buddy!

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  1. Amy you are uh-mazing!! (But you already know that!) That cake is simply incredible. Way to go team Bauerle!