Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Ethan!

This year was Ethan's turn to have a simple birthday, including the cake.  He wanted Lego's for his theme.  I looked online and found this idea.

 I used these molds to make the toppers out of colored chocolate. I found the lego piece one on Amazon and my friend had the lego guy one which she bought at the lego store. When I received mine I realized the squares were too big for the cupcake so I cut them in half which was really easy to do.
*They broke a lot less getting them out of the molds if they were frozen for a few minutes before.

If you are going to travel with these I suggest putting them in the fridge first to set the frosting otherwise the toppers will fall off since they are so heavy.

 Happy Birthday Ethan!

I love how Wyatt enjoyed his cupcake.

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