Thursday, April 12, 2012

Owl baby shower

 Mindy, Lety and I did this baby shower for Rachel. I am in love with this theme lately. So fun!
Mindy, Shan and I made the little felt owls that are standing on the logs.  They are made of felt, with button eyes and rick rack on their bellies.  We just hot glued the edges stuffing them with garbage bags.
We got this idea from Bakerella. Mindi and I had fun with these.
Thanks Carissa for sending me this picture and the next one.

 Like every cake pop these took some time. We shaped them into a round triangles, added chocolate chip ears with melted chocolate, dipped them in the colored chocolate (we used almond bark and gel color to get these colors-the orange for some reason was harder to dip,) then once they dried we added all the details with a paint brush and melted chocolate.
eyes-candy necklace pieces
nose-circus peanut cut to shape
wings-mini Reese's or M&M (we did chocolate with peanut butter and lemon with cream cheese for our cake pop flavors, have I mentioned that I don't like adding frosting to the cake because it makes it so sweet so I usually add cream cheese (8 oz for every cake mix) or peanut butter)
feet-flower sprinkles

Owl cupcake #1
eyes-gummy lifesavers or peach rings cut to fit with a M&M center
body-tinted coconut with mini chocolate chips
ears-broken oreos

 Owl cupcake #2
eyes-2 Oreo halves. I had a hard time getting these to come apart clean-that's why there's only 10.  I used 2 boxes to get these! I used an M&M for the pupil.
nose-candy corn
I had to add a little bow so they would seem more girly.

 This pic shows the log platter we used to display these cupcakes.

Mindy and I had so much fun figuring out these logs.  We got them from a tree that was being cut down in our complex.  The guys cutting it were sweet enough to give us some.
Then we had our husbands cut them to size. They even drilled holes in the logs for the cake pops.  They are such troopers!

 Michelle made these nests. They were a cute addition to the table!

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