Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Christmas treats

 I made these for my brother John and his family who came to spend Christmas with us this year.
These were so much fun but took some time.
Santa head: white chocolate Lindt truffle.
hat-fruit slice and pearl sprinkles
nose-cut mini M&M
I used pink chocolate to attach everything and make rosy cheeks.
 Reindeer head-milk chocolate Lindt truffle
nose-mini M&M
antlers- pretzels.
I used chocolate to attach everything.  I had to hold the pretzels on the head until it dried, otherwise it fell over.  They ended up taking longer than I thought to make.
Reindeer donuts.  Love this idea from Pinterest.
 Shan made the cookies and I decorated them.  These are so delicious.  She added peanut butter between 2 Ritz crackers and dipped it in white chocolate.  Simple yet so yummy.  The snowman was my favorite.  Next time I'll turn his nose to the side a little.
I know this is cheesy but I wanted this pic for me.  I turned my BELIEVE sign from the Polar Express party into a WELCOME sign, added a variety of the above treats to a platter, and included some sparkling cider with hopes that our guests feel welcomed and loved when they walk in our door.  

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