Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sundaes for a Sunday birthday!

 Happy 2nd Birthday Lucy!!
We did something simple for Lucy's party because the kids were just getting over the stomach flu and we didn't want to spread germs and honestly we weren't in the mood to go all out.  It was so nice to relax and be able to use stuff I already had.
 I used these wonderful plates and napkins and tablecloth that Patti got for me as my theme.  Her birthday was on Sunday so we decided to do a simple sundae theme.
 We made sundae cupcakes and had a ice cream sundae bar. We invited our next door neighbors (some of Lucy's favorite friends) over because they are getting over the same flu too.
Lucy helped me make her cupcakes.  She was so adorable.  She wanted vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting. We put a chocolate pudding filling in them too.
 After we took the pictures I had this thought of drizzling chocolate syrup on top.  Now it really looks like a sundae!!
Just a FYI for next time. It did ball up after a minute so you may want to use ganache.
 Here's the mini ice cream sundae bar .  I loved the little cups that Patti got with the set.
Here's my little princess getting ready to enjoy her sundaes.  Happy Birthday Lucy-lou!

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