Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Magic wands

I made these for Mindi.  They are for Corrine's 4th birthday princess party.
I used my star shaped cake pop maker to make the stars.  I used a 12 cupcake box mix which is the perfect amount of batter for these little things.
After they cooled I dyed white almond bark pink using gel colors and dipped a sucker stick in the chocolate then inserted it into the star.  I put them in styrofoam to dry then dipped the whole star in the chocolate very carefully because they are so soft.

This is how Mindi displayed them.
I also made these cupcake toppers for her cupcakes.  I have a crown mold that I first piped pink chocolate into to make the design.  Once that dried I added the white chocolate to make the crown.  

Here's what the cupcakes looked like.  Mindi did an awesome job!  Thanks for sending me the party pics!

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