Friday, March 1, 2013

Cinderella's Ball

My friend Alicia knows how to throw a killer party.  Maggie turned 5 and she wanted a princess party but also wanted boys to come.  So my super talented and creative friend decided to make it a royal ball.  The boys were told if they didn't want to dress up like princes' they could wear super hero attire. She had a red carpet up her super long walkway/stairs.  As you entered the house there was a beautiful royal dance floor and a yummy buffet table with what better than hot dogs, cheetos, and cupcakes.  I loved it.  She went all out.  The kids danced their tails off!  She had a bubble machine, balloons and confetti (that dropped from the ceiling), and glow in the dark wands. Her playlist was epic! The kids were singing along and dancing.  I have to remember this for the future!

Maggie wanted Cinderella slipper cupcakes.  I helped Alicia with these.  Well by help I mean I baked the cupcakes and swirled the frosting on.  She made the slippers from a chocolate mold we found at our local bakery supply store.
I love how simple yet elegant the slipper looks on this Cinderella blue cupcake.
This was the buffet table.  I love how she mimicked Cinderella's dress on the front of the table. So so fun!  Thanks for the memories Alicia!  I loved helping you!

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