Monday, February 25, 2013

Cupcakes for Wyatt

 My adorable sister helped me make these to celebrate Wyatt's birthday with his preschool class.  When I asked him what he wanted to have as a topper there was no hesitation.  Trains!!  So this was the most simple one I found online. He also requested his favorite strawberry flavor. I wondered for a moment why I didn't use a foil liner to cover up most of the pink until I saw Wyatt's face as he saw the final product.  He never once mentioned the color pink! I love 4 year olds.  I love how he teaches me what is really important in life... him!
 I bought a bag of the mixed toostie rolls you know the one with the DOTS included, a bag of Reeses mini cups, and M&M's.
I used the big tootsie roll for the main body.  They have 3 sections to them so I just cut one section off to place on top of the body. I used a DOT for the bell thing and M&M's (these were Easter) for wheels.
I cut the Reeses in half for the front part.
I used milk chocolate to attach everything.
 I piped on the track with black frosting which gave me the idea to use this black track to display them on.
Happy Birthday Wyatt!! Thank you sis for helping me and getting a feel for why I really love doing this. You're the best sister!!

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