Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ethan's 9th Birthday

 I can't believe I have 2 boys and this is the first sports birthday party theme we have done.  I loved it and can't wait to do it again.

 Front door flag. Ethan loved all the flags.
 I borrowed this awesome turf from my friend who used it for her boys golf themed party. If you don't want lots of holes in your wall from the nails then don't hang it.  My friend used it as a table cloth which was so adorable. I just didn't have a big enough table to use it that way.
 Ethan chose the sports he wanted me decorate with.
 He wanted the big ball to be a basketball.  I tried so hard to make it look right but it doesn't.  Oh well.  I wish there was an eraser for frosting.
 I did however have a good time decorating the cupcakes and cookies.
 For the cookie pop box I wrapped a shoe box in white paper.  I used styrofoam to get the sticks to stay, and cut grass out of construction paper.

Having a 9 year old makes me feel old enough but some of the kids at the party had never heard of or had Cracker Jack's.  What!
This was everyone's favorite "sport" game. We also played football, soccer, wrestled, decorated sugar cookies, played X-box (least favorite because it was a beautiful day after 3 days of rain and we all wanted to be outside,) and played with confetti eggs which are the greatest thing for a party.  I got them after Easter to try them.  They are hollowed out eggs filled with confetti.  The kids ran around breaking them over each others heads.  Sounds silly but perfect for a bunch of crazy boys. You should try some next Easter.

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