Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Visiting Teaching handouts

 So you probably know about these handouts but I got so excited this month when googling ideas for simple visiting teaching ideas.  To find out more info about visiting teaching click here.  So I like to bring a treat to each of the ladies I visit teach each month but I didn't have a lot of time this month so I was excited when I found a few websites that create tags that go with the lesson of that month.  This is especially wonderful when you only have time to drop something off.  Awesome and thank you people!
 I found this tag at Pink Polka Dot Creations.  Click here to find more of her ideas.
 I also found this lesson from the idea door. Click here for her website. I attached this to the back of the tag.
 This was for another month. This is from Marci Coombs' website which is one of my favorites. Click here to be directed to her amazing website.

 This is also from Marci Coombs! See she is super awesome and creative!
Thank you amazing bloggers who make my life more simple and fun!  I appreciate all the time you take to do these for us!

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