Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Brownie Pops

I made these brownie pops for my son's kindergarten Halloween party. They were so fun to make but took a while.
I used a box of brownies and baked them in the Wilton Brownie Pop Mold. I used the flour/pam spray to ensure that the brownies came out really well. I filled the mold all the way. They take 40 minutes to bake. Let them cool completely before removing them from the mold. I cut the uneven end off and then inserted the stick with a little melted chocolate on the end.
Mummy-covered twice with melted white chocolate. Once dried I drizzled white chocolate then added eyes.
Cat-covered in black frosting (regular buttercream tinted.) I added frosted candy corn for ears (before the body dries.) Then added face with melted white chocolate.
Pumpkin-covered in orange chocolate. I poked a hole in a green gumdrop and then slid it down the stick. I used the black frosting for the face. **it is much easier to use frosting for faces because the chocolate sets up so quick.
Spiderweb-covered in orange chocolate with the end rolled in black sprinkles. The web was added with black frosting.
Witches broom-I used a pretzel rod for the stick (I had to cut a hole in the brownie before pushing it through otherwise the brownie will fall apart). I used tip 16 to pipe on yellow broom and I used a orange slice that I cut into a ring for the ring.
Ghost-covered in white chocolate.
Dracula- covered with purple tinted frosting and accents piped on with chocolate.

These are what they looked like displayed.

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