Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goulish Cupcakes!

Patti helped me make these for a Halloween party for our kids. I loved doing these and seeing them become little characters. We used the cream cheese frosting with vanilla and chocolate cake.
Cat-candy corn ears, M&M for eyes and nose.
Pumpkin-fruit slice cut in the shape of stem and leaf.
Tombstone- Milano cookie, crushed oreo with gummy worm.
Mummy- M&M for eyes, lattice tip for bandage.
Werewolf hand- grass tip for grass, tootsie roll for arm, flattened green fruit slice cut in shape of hand with piped on fingernails.
Dracula- grass tip for hair, M&M for eyes.
Owl- grass tip(233) for hair, wintergreen lifesavers for eyes, cut candycorn for nose, pretzels for feet.
Spider- M&M for eyes, black licorice cut for legs.
EEK bat- Tip 16 for moon, icing decoration for bat.
Eyeball- gummy lifesaver for eyeball

Thanks Lisa for taking these pictures!

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  1. what? when did you start this? I love it!!! it is definitely you my dear, I'm glad you came tonight also, I always love having you around and I always love your artichoke dip...a little too much. so anyway I think your wonderful! see you soon!