Saturday, October 3, 2009

Soccer cupcakes!

It was my son's turn to bring the snack for the soccer game. And if you know me I was happy for the excuse to make cupcakes (I did also bring apples so I wouldn't feel so guilty about our kids over dosing on sugar.) I used a chocolate cake mix and the regular cream cheese frosting tinted green, black, and white.
To decorate these I put the green frosting in a piping bag with tip 233 (grass tip) and piped on the grass and topped them with the soccer icing decorations. It was so much fun making the grass and my son loved helping me place the soccer balls on top. I love how easy these were.
For these ones I put the black and white frostings in separate piping bags. Using tip 3 on the black bag I traced the outline of the black design and then filled it in with stars (tip 16.) I copied the design from a cupcake I saw on Whisk She did all the hard work coming up with the design. I then filled in the remaining areas with white stars. For added fun I dyed some coconut green to put under the cupcakes.


  1. For what did you use as the football discs pls?

  2. I used the "soccer ball icing decorations" that I purchased from a party store. You can also order them online. Hope this helps!