Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chess Cake

Lauren & I made this cake for her husband's birthday. It was the cake from you know where. I learned a lot from doing this cake, mostly that sometimes you just have to bust out the fondant no matter how much you don't want to because in the end it will save you a lot of time and frustration.

I thought this would have been the easiest cake ever because I found these chocolate molds on line for the chess pieces and the chess board. All we had to do was melt the chocolate and pour right? How wrong I was. The pieces weren't that bad they just took time to make 3D. The way you do that is by pouring the first batch in letting them set up in the freezer for a few minutes take them out, then pour another set and before you place them in the freezer you place the ones you just took out of the mold on top of the wet ones so they will adhere together. The tricky part was the chess board itself. The mold itself was really hard to do so we didn't have the two colors bleed together. Lauren did an awesome job with this (I couldn't have done it any better.) She was a trooper.

As we set the pieces on the cake the cake began to be uneven because of the weight of the chocolates (they all weighed different amounts). Needless to say I told myself if I ever do a cake like this again I will do fondant.

Lauren left 6 hours later with a cake that I wasn't even proud to put on the blog (looking back on the pictures it's not as bad as I remembered, maybe because it was midnight and I only got 4 hours of sleep the previous night so I was being Debbie Downer.) Thanks for listening to me blab. Thanks Lauren for a chocolate fun night. I think I'm still cleaning up chocolate in my kitchen.

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