Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monster Mash!

This was a little Halloween luncheon we did for playgroup. I was so happy that I got to use the monster stuff I bought last year after Halloween. I love how it turned out so I had to take lots of pictures. I love how creative people got with there food! This is what I love about Halloween- all the fun food, cute decorations and kids all dressed up. The holiday doesn't get better than that.

Nutter Butter ghosts, donut eyeballs, pumpkin shaped pbj's

Ants on a log and mummy dogs (the only thing I can take credit for.) I just wrapped hot dogs with strips of crescent rolls, baked 375 for 20 minutes then added mustard for eyes.

Pumpkin sugar cookies, and spider Ritz crackers with cheese in the middle. How did I miss the picture of the guts. Someone made a big bowl of guts. It was different colors of jello with whip cream and a yummy sauce all stirred up together. Yum! Yum!

I just love this cute little monster. The kids loved reaching their hands in here to grab a treat.

I found these bottles last year after Halloween. My friend Cassie found a website last year to print off cute labels to glue on the jars to display as potion bottles. I couldn't find the website she used and ran out of time so I just used these. (not as cute.) I would like to add more to these next year. It was a fun centerpiece to do.

Happy Halloween to all the little monsters out there!

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