Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Caramel Apples

I was happy to do more caramel apples only this time using fall colors. I love the sprinkles on these. I still haven't perfected the caramel here in this crazy humidity but I think I'm also there. Next time I am going to try cooking to 252 degrees.

My friend Natalie who helped with the apples came up with this new one-mini chocolate chips. They kind of melted on the warm caramel so next time I may wait to add these to the last of the batch. I love the mini Reeses pieces (I took the brown ones out for the apple shower.) They look cute and it's less chopping which is always a plus.

The final presentation. I took some to my doctor's office and the receptionist called saying they were fighting over the apple pie ale mode one. Even with all the new fun flavors its good to know that the favorite is still that one. I think it will always be me and Ethan's favorite as well. Too bad it is the hardest one to do (I hate working with white chocolate especially in the South.) Oh well some good things come at a price! Happy Fall!

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