Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

 The theme for the youth program this year is "Stand in Holy Places."  For the Young Women in Excellence program we chose the theme "As we travel through personal progress, we STAND in holy places." We got the shoe idea from the Jenny Phillips website.
 Sara and I made these little high heel shoes.
 We used Milano cookies dipped in white chocolate for the shoe part.  For the heel we cut a cookie in half and dipped it in white chocolate.  The pirouette cookies are much easier but I didn't want to buy an entire jar for 6 cupcakes.

 I loved this box Megan found to display them on!
 Christine, Sara and I decorated these fun cookies.
 They took us forever but they turned out so cute! Way to go girls!
 We did a few temples too that said Stand ye in Holy Places.

 Megan and Christine made these cute paper shoes for the take home favor.  We found the template on Pinterest.  We filled them with nail polish.

Thanks for the memories girls! It was a super fun night.
I ordered this chocolate shoe mold but it didn't get here on time and I couldn't not use them so Megan found these cute shoe cards and we decided to make a thank you with them.  We gave them to the girls at church on Sunday.

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