Thursday, January 30, 2014

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

The Young Women leaders decided to use the Wizard of Oz theme for our New Beginnings Program this year.
 For info on what New Beginnings is click here. The main focus of the evening is to recognize the girls accomplishments in their Personal Progress, talk about our new theme for the year, and get the new girls, who will be 12 this year, excited about what Young Women's and Personal Progress entails.
 The theme this year is "Come Unto Christ." We got a lot of our inspiration from the blog, The Dearth Duo. It was fun to plan this but also challenging to come up with the program.  I'm not so good at that stuff but if you want a copy of it click here.
*We made our balloon rainbow by following this tutorial.
Food Table. I didn't get a close up of Aunty Em's bread and jam but it was so yummy!
Fruit Rainbow
Ruby Red Slipper Cookies

 Somewhere over the rainbow cupcakes: I used the Airhead sour licorice to make the rainbow and frosting to pipe the clouds. For the stripped ones I painted stripes of gel color on the inside of a parchment bag, filled it with white frosting and piped it out.
 To print the cute toppers, tags, labels, and everything else we used go to The Dearth Duo blog here.
Yellow Brick Road Rice Crispy Treats
 As part of our program we had the Presidents of each class (Beehives, Miamaids, and Laurels) present our new 12 year olds with gifts that represent each class and also explain what they mean. These bee cookies are what the Beehives presented to them.
 We also came up with an incentive program for the year.  When the girls accomplish a experience from one of the values they get to chose a treat from that jar.
 This was one of the take homes we did. I got this tag and the tags on the jars from Kinzieskreations blog.
Here is a pic of our program.  Thanks Dearth Duo blog for making it so easy! We also printed our invitations from her site.
This was our other handout. We made bottle caps charms for the girls backpacks, scripture cases, or where ever else they wanted to hook them. I found the bottle caps and clear sticker covers at Hobby Lobby. We pounded out the bottle caps so they had a rounded edge by covering them with a board and using a mallet.  Don't pound too much! We found the Come Unto Christ images on Etsy.
Thanks ladies for all your help!

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