Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snowmen snack #2

 I guess Ethan and I are loving snowmen for our snack theme this year. There are just so many fun ideas out there. We decided to do these this month.
 Snowmen juice boxes.  I wrapped it in white paper(leaving the straw behind exposed), drew a snowman face, and added a ribbon scarf.
Snowmen Soldiers

 We made white chocolate popcorn for these.  It's so easy.  I used 2 bags of microwave popcorn(I prefer to use salt and butter flavor) with 2 or 3 squares of melted white almond bark. Mix in a big bowl and then spread on a big pan to dry.  The cups were easy to decorate.  I used a marker to add the face and taped twine on for the scarf.  In case your wondering how I transported these, I covered each one with Press n Seal.
 We also added a face to some clementines so they had a healthy snack too!
I also did a few of these to give to the ladies I visit teach at church.  I filled the bottom of some big cellphone bags (12X24), cut the excess off and folded it over with tape.  On the flip side I used a marker for the face, tied ribbon for the scarf, and used glue dots to attach the buttons.

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