Thursday, March 20, 2014

Western themed daddy daughter party.

 We did a western themed daddy daughter activity for our YW and their dads tonight. Amanda was in charge and let me make some cupcakes.
 I found this idea online.  I used Pringles (original), Reeses peanut butter cups, and pull apart licorice to make them.

 I dipped half of the Pringle in milk chocolate and once it was dried I dipped the other half.  I added the Reeses and red rope before it dried. I had to go back and add a little chocolate to the rope where they crossed in the back.  I think I found a new favorite snack- chocolate covered Pringles.  So yummy!
 I also made mini vanilla cupcakes for those who don't like chocolate.  My star was a little lopsided but hopefully you could guess what it was.
 This was some of the other cute food the other leaders made. I love the labels they found for this.  Click here to make your own. So creative! Rice Crispie treats=hay bales on a stick.
Stuffed Jalapeños wrapped in bacon(delish)=rattlesnake bites
Lemonade=cactus punch

 The girls helped make signs everywhere which turned out so cute.
Amanda had some really fun games planned like 3 legged races, guess what leg is my dad's (they hid behind the curtain and just showed us their legs), country line dancing (Amanda is a wonderful dancer and taught us) and of course there was a photo booth. What a fun night!

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